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  1. What is autoship?
    Our autoship option simply puts you on a scheduled delivery plan so you receive an uninterrupted supply of our Carbolife Superfood for Dogs.
  2. Why use autoship?
    There are two key benefits: the first is the convenience of only having to ordering once. The second benefit is the 15% savings we provide on every order.
  3. Can I manage my autoship account?
    Yes. You are provided a username and password and you can manage the quantity and frequency that best fits your needs. Our default setting is to ship a replenishment supply every 60 days that matches your first order. Your situation may be different. For example, if you have two or more dogs, or dogs of different sizes.You can customize a plan that sets the quantity and frequency designed just for you!
  4. Can I cancel my autoship plan?
    Yes, after the first auto-shipment (initial order + first autoshipment), you may cancel your plan.
  5. Can I pause/resume or change the date of my autoship plan?
    Yes. We understand that situations change and custom adjustments are necessary. We make it easy for you to manage!