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The ingredients of Carbolife for Dogs are sourced, near infrared spectoscopy (NIRS)¬†tested, and then mixed into a proprietary blend designed for gentle digestion and optimum absorption. Here’s an explanation of our core ingredients and their benefits:

  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid Blend – support for skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis
  2. Fiber Blend – attracts moisture from outside the dog’s colon and into the stool. It acts as a “normalizer” helping control both constipation and diarrhea.
  3. Organic Superfood Blend – our unique combination of high potency nutrients extracted from select fruits and vegetables
  4. Super Canine Blend – beef collagen and beef liver provide proteins essential to support strength and elasticity in joints, tendons, cartilage, skin and ligaments.
  5. Prebiotic, Probiotic & Enzyme Blend – Probiotics and the live “good” bacteria that aid in proper digestion. Prebiotics are the “food” that help sustain Probiotics (friendly bacteria) in your dog’s digestive system. In addition to helping regulate digestion (and make your dog less gassy), probiotics are essential for forming vitamin K and short-chain fatty acids. These are the main nutrient source of the cells lining the colon. They promote a stronger gut barrier that helps repel harmful substances, viruses and “bad” bacteria. It also reduces inflammation and may reduce the risk of cancer.
  6. Vitamin Blend Рour unique blend of vitamins help support core body functions ranging from skin, organs and joints.
Carbolife for Dogs - Supplement Facts